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Cake Smash Sneak Peek – Los Angeles Children Photographer

Friday, October 18th, 2013

Yeah, I noticed that I haven’t updated my blog since my last baby K post.  I guess life has gotten a bit more hectic with two boys than I had anticipated.  So, here is Baby Knox 6 months later…at his 1 year cake smash. This was a mini-session…the rest of his 1 year session will be coming in a few days.

It was so fun to watch Baby Knox approach the cake so cautiously.  He was one of the most gentle cake smashers I’ve ever had, but in the end, he really did get the job done.  Once he got over having messy hands, he was grabbing large chunks of that delicious cake.  Here is a collage of just a few photos I captured.  It was really difficult to choose images for the collage as he is just SO adorable at all times.

knox cake smash example FACEBOOK

An Oldie But a Goodie | Los Angeles Head Shot Photographer

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

Was busy cleaning out the hard drive this afternoon when I happened upon this session from 2011.  I always meant to retouch this photo and life is always so busy and hectic that I never got around to it.  Well…finally decided to give it a few minutes today.  I just loved this actress.  She was such a pro in front of the camera.  She knew exactly what to do and just had such a cool vibe.  I love when subject and photographer are just clicking perfectly and together we get a great shot like this.


Holiday Sale

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

Just a super quick post to announce a great holiday sale!

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Kenyan School Children

Saturday, July 3rd, 2010

I have a million pictures from Kenya that I’m going to want to share, but most of them are still sitting in my Lightroom uncatalogued and untouched.  The process for picking out my favorites is going to take months I’m sure.

However, I have gone through some of the pictures from my trip to the Ngandu School in Kenya.  I LOVED the school and could have spent the entire trip there. As a people photographer, and a teacher, it was just amazing for me.  It was so fun to lock eyes with the children across the way, really see each other, and then capture that moment on camera.  Seriously..powerful.  Sorry about the overload of pictures, but there were so many memorable things I just have to share.

We went to each classroom and every class sang for us. I just loved the smile on this little girl's face.

My favorite classroom shot, and perhaps my favorite shot from the entire trip to Kenya. This is taken through another broken window. The visiting group had left this classroom and I snuck behind to get a picture of the students back at work. This little girl caught me and turned around. I love everything about this picture.

In this one they are eagerly awaiting us to visit the room. The glass was filthy, but I really like the effect it created.

Loved this little boy. You know I'm a color girl, but really liked this one in BW.

The children put on a performance for us. I kept noticing this little boy throughout the performance. He had the best smile and was really enjoying the program.

Taken during the performance. Loved the combination of light and color here and the haze that was being created by the dirt they were kicking up.

Too young for school, a child on her mother's lap watching the performance.

After the performance as the children were lining up to go to lunch. In a sea of children, this little girl and I locked eyes and she just beamed. My 2nd favorite picture from the day at the school.


The children were getting ready for lunch as we were about to leave. From the car I waved at this little who became very shy and gave a little wave. So cute!