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I had so much fun with Katie’s headshots.  We shot in her beautiful, huge, back yard which is just perfect for the way I like to work. I just adore the challenge of finding interesting backgrounds surrounding me and searching for the best natural light. It’s like a fun little puzzle and really allows me to stretch my creative muscle! Katie made my job easier by looking just stunning anywhere I happened to ask her to sit. It’s always a pleasure working with an actor who knows exactly how to move and exude emotion for the camera.

Katie's headshot images

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6 Responses to “Katie Headshots | Los Angeles Headshot Photographer”

  1. Lina says:

    oh wow, she is just gorgeous! Love the angles – so flattering. Beautiful work.

  2. Wow love your warm tones and posing! She looks amazing!

  3. RhondaD says:

    Love Love Love these headshots. She is gorgeous!! Love the warmth and eye contact. Just lovely.

  4. Wow, gorgeous girl and your shots are equally gorgeous!

  5. Great work! Stunning photos!

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